Welcome to my Website, which has been set up to assist the Visually Impaired computer user locate information and services relating to blindness.

The proverbial whitestick or cane used by so many blind and partially sighted people offers assistance to whoever uses it. The tool may give a visually impaired person the confidence to go out and about by themselves. The website is designed for ease of use and to offer guidance to any visually impaired web user to give them the ability to go out and try something new in the information technology world.

If you come across a web site which you think would interest blind surfers, please:
Email it to me here.

Fix The Web Knowbility!

How many times have you hit that Alt F4 key in frustration when trying to negotiate a website with links with no text or it just said graphic, graphic, graphic.
Well here's your chance to report these websites and help make the web accessible.
Fix The Web Knowbility.

Unwanted Phone Calls

If you live in the UK and are bothered with unwanted phone calls from companies trying to sell you things you don't want, then sign up with the Telephone Preference Service and get all these calls stopped.
Telephone Preference Service.

Disaster Relief!

Due to Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and Terrorist Attacks, there are now millions of people around the world who desperately need your help. Without you, they will surely die, so please click on the link below and give as much as you can.
Disasters Emergency Committee.

This Free Word Game Saves Lives!

Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free, and all you have to do is play a simple word game.
Play the free rice game.

Attention all you budding authors out there, the "Never Ending Stories" link is just for you.

Now you can create your own story and allow everyone else to add chapters to it. You'll be amazed at how your story can grow and grow, and have more twists in it than any Sherlock Holmes novel. If you are into poetry, just write the first verse then watch as others add more and more lines to it.
Please keep a backup of your stories as older ones are routinely deleted from the server.
Enter the Never Ending Stories here.

Looking for Audio Books or E Texts, then look no further.

Audio Books.

A large selection of websites aimed at the visually impaired.

Blindness Related Services.

A selection of websites relating to Blind Sports

Blind Sports.

Voice chat online with visually impaired people around the world.

Chat Rooms.

Blogging is another buzz word just now, so here's a few Blogs created by visually impaired people.


Visit my download section for an assortment of useful programs.


A selection of online fantasy roll playing Books.

Fantasy online game books.

A list of useful links for Linux users.

Linux Related Websites.

A selection of websites relating to Mac computers and other Apple products.

Mac Computers and other Apple products.

An assortment of online games to help you pass the time.

Games to play online.

A selection of companies who produce games for the visually impaired.

Games to play offline.

Finding a holiday which caters for your needs.

Holidays For The Visually Impaired.

This is a help line for the visually impaired in the UK.

Listening Eye Help Line.

A selection of helpful mailing lists.

Join a Mailing List.

An assortment of medical websites mostly relating to eye problems.

Medical Related Websites.

If you are blind and have built your own website, why not send me the link.

Personal Websites.

Have you tried to record your own podcast yet, why not have a listen and see if you can do better.


Listen to an assortment of radio and TV stations online.

Radio and Music.

This is a direct link to the R N I B online equipment and games catalogue.

RNIB Online Shop.

If you're looking for local or national sources of support for blind and partially sighted people Why not try the RNIB's new Sightline Directory.
You can also rate how good or bad their services are

RNIB Sightline Directory.

If you live in the UK and are having problems with any products bought from the RNIB or any other Company then you can ask for help from a team of volunteers.

RNIB Tech Support Team.

Lots of Scottish tunes in the midi format which you can listen to or download.

Scottish Midi Music.

Find out what audio described programs are on TV with this online guide.

Freeview Audio Description Listings.

UK Newspapers and Magazines.

If your local UK newspaper isn't on this list, I'll add it if it's available. UK Newspapers and Magazines.

A selection of Government and other interesting websites in the UK.

UK Websites.

Find the facts in the free online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia.

If you would like to contact or send me feedback about the website, please Click here to contact me.

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